Schedule updates

  • Sun Palo Alto – no classes May 1 and May 8. Contact improv now (almost) every Sunday.
  • Tue San Francisco – no classes, moving to a new location
  • Featured Event » California Contact Improv Jam, May 13-15: register at Early bird ends Apr 23!
  • Got more news? Drop us a note!

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Regular Classes

9:00-10:00am CI Palo Alto – Contact Improv & Ecstatic Dance: Apr 24. No dance May 1, May 8.
No Contact Improv classes – but there are other dances!
6:30-11:30pm San FransicsoNo classes, moving to a new location
7:00-8:25pm Santa Cruz
8:00-10:30pm Berkeley
9:30am-12:00pm Emeryville
7:00-8:00pm Oakland
6:30-11:30pm Berkeley
6:30-9:00pm Santa Cruz
1:30-6:00pm Berkeley

Workshops & Jams


  • Featured Event » May 13-15: California Contact Improv Jam – Santa Cruz Mountains
  • Jun 28 – Jul 3: WCCI Jam – Berkeley, CA